Effective Way to Improve Online Presence with the Hoth Marketers

According to the recent statistics of Communications and Marketing Survey, more than half of the marketing leaders and communication expert within the budget with content creation for more than 12 months. Budget plays the role abundantly with the digital marketing such as SEM, SEO and email, marketing and communications technology (52%), social media (54%), digital […]

Online Courses – A Complete Guide for People Seeking Higher Education

Higher education has shown a significant escalation in the recent years, and online education has benefitted millions of students around the world. One needs to be very precise when selecting a reliable online training provider. When it comes to current trends, a majority of students prefer technical courses for their career. Remote education is perhaps […]

PUBG next monthly update pushed to August 3, in-game skin system not due till launch

As teased by Brendan Greene earlier this month, PUBG’s latest monthly update promises first-person servers, an FOV slider for first-person view and a new rifle. As a result of “complications with a [recent] client crash bug”, these features won’t be implemented till August 3 (which could mean next month sees two monthly updates), however in-game skins designed to […]

Hackers hijacked PCs using Source Engine kill animation exploit

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and other Source Engine games were all affected by a particularly nasty exploit until recently. Basically, by uploading custom assets into a custom map, hackers could use them to trigger a “buffer overflow vulnerability” which resulted in the victim PC being open to remote code execution. In […]