Are Desktop Platforms Still Relevant in Online Marketing?

A lot of brands decided to focus on mobile platforms first due to the forecasted growth of users on portable devices. While facts support this trend, it doesn’t mean desktop users should no longer be catered to.

Forrester’s 2022 forecast painted a clearer picture of what the market will look like in five years’ time. There will be approximately 5.5 million people or 60 percent of the world’s population with access to mobile devices. At the same time, mobile traffic will continue to increase as corroborated by the latest report by Adobe. This only goes to show how the potential in targeting users on mobile devices.

This data has several implications for digital marketing specialists. While mobile markets are relevant, the desktop should not be ignored. A bigger portion of online sales still come from users on a desktop. While mobile users generate revenues, it is way lower than the revenue stream from users on a non-portable device.

One explanation for this scenario could be consumer behavior based on where they are –European customers are mostly using their desktop while Asian customers often transact through mobile devices. More people still make purchases through their desktop. While date seems to pit mobile and desktop strategies against each other, Marielle Van Gorp of Booking Suite explains it’s not about focusing on one thing. The issue is not about launching strategies for desktop users or mobile users. It’s about creating a system which can be accessed through different devices. For a travel company like Booking Suite, she explained the need to focus on consumer experience.

Another player in the travel industry, KKday, agrees with focusing on using a space to enhance the visual experience to customers before they purchase. The company’s chief product officer Prasanna Veeraswamy adds that it’s about providing a site which provides realistic expectations. Consumers hate surprises, so providing all the details is a must when transacting through travel sites.

Even Uber which gained popularity for their car-sharing platform believes on how powerful desktop users are. Although Uber is a mobile-first company, they are currently expanding into desktop sites. Customers have been demanding for an application which is available on their desktop, and the company is working on it.

APAC for Uber performance marketing manager Astha Kalbag explained most people search through their mobile device, hence the increase in traffic, but purchases are still made mainly through a desktop. Despite its success, Kalbag shared Uber still considers the company to be a start-up, and how they will continue to offer innovative products to keep up with the latest trends.

Marketing platforms may have evolved, and more companies are launching a strategy which focuses mainly on targeting mobile users. However, many companies can learn from what e-commerce leaders think. It’s important to focus on both platforms. More importantly, it’s also necessary to continue building strategies centered on providing reliable information on products and services. Marketers will continue to spend significant sums on content production in 2018. When it comes to content, TheHoth is a reliable provider, and you can browse through customer reviews here.