Your Sexual Health Can Affect Your Partner, Too

If you’re sexually active, it’s very important that you think about your partner and not just yourself. That’s especially true if you’re at any kind of risk for a sexually transmitted disease (STD). A lot of people assume that they’re clean, but they never get tested. That could mean that they’re passing something along to the people they share their bed with during their life, and sometimes there really aren’t any symptoms. Don’t take the lack of symptoms for good sexual health – go and get tested and make sure that you don’t have anything that you could give to others.

Even simple, easily-cured problems can become serious if they aren’t treated promptly. Some STDs are ‘silent’ in showing that they’re attacking your body, but they can cause infertility and cervical cancer in women, and can cause problems in men, too. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner about his or her sexual health before you become intimate. People who really care about you and aren’t just looking for a partner for a night will be willing to talk about things like their sexual history. They should also be willing to get tested, as should you, if you (or they) feel that it’s necessary.

People who aren’t promiscuous can still have an STD, because it only takes one person to cause it. If you were faithful to your last partner but he or she wasn’t faithful to you, you could have gotten something that way, too. Don’t take chances with your sexual health, or the health of someone that you care for. Make sure that you’re clean and healthy, and make sure that your partner is also clean and healthy. If you suspect (or find out about) any infidelity, get yourself tested so you know where you stand.